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Vic Firth Drumsticks All Sizes Greb Erskine Weckle Gadd 5A 5B 7A

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Product Name Price Qty
5AN Vic Grip Nylon Tip
Vic Firth Budget No Size
5A Wood Tip
7A Wood Tip
5B Wood Tip
5A Nylon Tip
7AN Nylon Tip
Extreme 5A Wood Tip
Extreme 5B Wood Tip
American Sound AS5A Wood Tip
American Sound AS7A Wood Tip
5A Vic Grip Wood Tip
7A Vic Grip Wood Tip
7AN Vic Grip Nylon Tip
Benny Greb
Peter Erskine
Dave Weckle
Steve Gadd
5A Barrel Tip

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Confused About Sticks?

What are they made from?
The most popular and widely used wood is American hickory.  This is a very strong and dense wood, so is used for its durability and consistency.  In recent times, oak has become more widely used, which dependent on the source, can also be extremely hard wearing, while being a little lighter than hickory.  Also on the budget end of things, maple sticks have recently arrived on the market.  They are very light and easy to play with, but do not quite have the durability of hickory or oak.  However, maple sticks come in very cost-effective packages, so for some people, the economics balance out, dependent on the feel they are looking for.
What does the model number mean?
The most common stick size is 5A.  In a stick model, the number denotes the length of the stick, and the letter generally denotes the girth of the stick.  To give you a clue, between 3A, 5A and 7A sticks for example, a 3A stick is longer than the 5A, and a 7A would be shortest out of the three.  A 5B stick is thicker and heavier than the 5A.  Some of the most common sizes are 5A, 5B, 7A, 3A, and 2B.  Some manufacturers offer alternate versions of popular sticks, with longer versions of the popular models so that you can get the weight of one stick, with a bit more reach.  Specialist sticks for certain types of music are also available.
Wood or nylon tips?
There is a belief that nylon tips are more durable than wood tips, but this is dependent on the manufacturer.  Nylon tips were initially intended to create a sharper sound on the drums, and a much brighter sound on the cymbals, particularly on the hi hats and ride cymbal.  Some people avoid nylon tips, as they feel the tips pop off easily, but nowadays, the manufacturing methods have improved to counteract this problem.  Vic Firth’s injection moulding process is perhaps the cleverest method, ensuring optimum durability.

Which stick are right for me?
There are a few rules that generally help with selecting sticks, i.e. light sticks like 7A or similar for jazz, medium sticks for pop and funk, heavier sticks for rock.  In store, you can often try sticks on a practice pad (don’t go upsetting people by testing out new sticks on kits and chewing them all up!).  Vic Firth Budget Sticks In Store are certainly worth a look, for those hunting a good pair without breaking the bank, as these are made from the same stuff that Vic Firth’s top sticks from, and with the same method, Also, a smaller stick may obviously be more suitable for young players, such as a 7A size.

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Additional Information

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